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ATEX ApprovedHigh performance rechargeable LED safety torches designed for the emergency services and other demanding professionals

The ADALIT range includes the L-10, the first re-chargeable flashlight to be specifically designed for firefighting helmets and the high-powered L-3000 / L-3000 Power, which combines revolutionary optics with a large digital display. The versatile L5 Plus and L5R Plus can be used both as a hand torch and on the helmet.

All models in the range are ATEX certified for hazardous areas.

Adalit L-1

Adalit L-1Professional safety torch for hand or helmet
Adalit L1 is a professional torch, suitable for potentially explosive atmospheres (hazardous areas). Light, polyvalent, robust and easy to carry. To be taken in a pocket and/or attached to a helmet (universal adapter included). A built-in neodymium magnet enables to attach the torch to any metallic surfaces.

Adalit L-5000

Adaro ADALIT L-5000 Safety Torch

  Rechargeable handheld and lightweight
  Ingress protection: IP66
  3 different light setting 3/6/12
  Torch body material: Thermoplastic resin with high resistance to impact, extreme temperatures and corrosive substances
  Swivelling head
  110.000 candle power

Adalit L-5 Power

Adalit L-5 PowerA Robust, reliable and ultralight torch, the L-5 Power can be mounted on all common firefighter helmets. Certified to ATEX ZONE ‘0’, the L-5 Power can be used in the most hazardous areas and confined spaces, the torch combines a photo luminescent bezel with a visible red LED on the tail, to ease the user localization in the darkest environment.

  White LEDs for high intensity
  Weight: 1.1kg
  Tail beacon - red light (blinks every 5 seconds)
  Tough thermoplastic resin torch body
  Weatherproof to IP66
  Rechargeable Li-Ion and replaceable battery versions available

L-3000 / L-3000 Power

Adaro ADALIT L-3000 Safety Torch

ADALIT L-3000 and L-3000 Power are a range of high performance professional safety torches that combine high intensity LEDs, a revolutionary optic, a large digital display and an elegant design.

  Light Output: L-3000 - 200 lumens, L-3000 Power - 300 lumens
  LedEngine technology with a step light system
  'Booster' function to illuminate long distances with greater penetrating light beam
  Ergonomic design with oversized easy-touch buttons
  Digital display - battery level indication in hours and minutes
  Swivelling head with 3 positions - 0°, 45°, 90°
  Manufactured in high resistance thermoplastic resin

L-5 Plus / L-5R Plus

Adaro ADALIT L-5 Plus / L-5R Plus Safety Torches

L5 Plus and L5R Plus can be used both as a hand torch and on the helmet. The optional holster makes it easier to carry the torch safely. It also includes a rotating bracket that allows the light to be directed through 360° without removing it from the helmet. They use high-intensity LEDs and a built-in light sensor for power management. They are compatible with the vast majority of firefighter's helmets.

  High intensity LEDs - 3W and 135 lumens
  Sensor controls light intensity for efficient power management
  Light duration from 4 to 30 hours - low battery warning
  Powered by 4xAAA alkaline batteries or by lithium rechargeable cells (L5R Plus only)
  Manufactured in high resistance thermoplastic resin with clip for helmet mounting
  Lightweight - IP67 Rated
  Optional helmet bracket


Adaro ADALIT L-10 Plus Safety Torches

The first rechargeable flashlight specifically designed for firefighting helmets,
ADALIT L-10 is a powerful hands-free torch that also incorporates a beacon to signal the position of firefighter.

Ultra-lightweight design with full helmet integration, ADALIT L-10 LED flashlight combines leading-edge technology with a Li-ion re-chargeable power pack to deliver high performance and increased safety and comfort of the firefighter.

  High intensity LED white lighting
  Firefighter locator using a high intensity red LED flashing beacon
  Li-ion rechargeable battery - indication of remaining charge and battery level
  Manufactured from thermoplastic resin for high impact resistance and protection
  Lightweight - Brackets available for various models of helmets
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