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Power Solutions:

Vimpex Launch New Mobile LED Scene Lighting System

New Mobile LED Scene Lighting SystemVimpex, the specialist supplier of PPE, Technical Rescue Products and Telescopic Masts, has introduced a new mobile scene lighting system. The Canguro SceneStar combines powerful state-of-the-art Akron LED lighting with a portable and robust lighting platform to provide a unique high performance scene lighting solution for the emergency services.

The sturdy Canguro trolley holds a permanently fitted mast, which when collapsed is compact and easily stowed. The mast extends up to 4.5 m to cast bright white light over a wide area whilst remaining portable, versatile and moveable even during operation.

The SceneStar LED light is engineered to provide maximum visibility with exceptional light output. Featuring the latest in LED technology, vibrant white light, low operating temperatures, optical control and high quality Akron engineering mean that the SceneStar is the best LED scene light available. The SceneStar light outputs an amazing 14,000 Lumen at 150 W, which up to now has not been available in a portable lighting package.

SceneStar is powered by the portable and modular Vimpex LED Power System, which incorporates the latest professional GEL battery technology. The DC power system mounts on the base of the trolley and can provide over 12 hours of operation. Comprising a master charging module and LED power packs, the unit can be charged either via 110 / 230 V ac or 12 / 24 V dc. This means that the modules can be charged either at the station, on the vehicle or via a generator.

The flexibility of the Canguro platform means that other combinations of lights and power modules can also be accommodated, such as Halogen lights powered by a petrol driven portable generator.

January 2012

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