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Portable Battery Powered Rescue Tools Aid Public Order Teams

Portable Battery Powered Rescue Tools Aid Public Order TeamsRenowned for their range of battery powered hydraulic tools for fire, rescue and extrication applications, Vimpex are less well known as suppliers of equipment to police and the military. Ogura Battery Powered Hydraulics are actually widely used by UK police and security forces for protestor release, public order, eviction, breaching and forced entry as well as for counter terrorism applications.

Many Ogura tools are in use by public order teams throughout Britain where they are often deployed to aid in protestor release scenarios. The products are well known for their ease of use, portability and ability to be used in confined spaces.

The Ogura HRS system is the most versatile and therefore most popular of the Ogura tools. This modular system is based around the powerful Ogura Battery Powered HRS pump which can be used to power a variety of cutting, spreading and door opening tools. For protestor release and forced entry work many police customers have chosen a combination of the HRS pump, the short nosed ‘Stubby Cutter’, and the 8” door opener tool. This combination of spreading and cutting equipment is compact, immediately deployed and thanks to the fact it is battery powered, less aggressive and intimidating than larger, heavy duty petrol powered hydraulic tools.

Adding the ORC-19 20 mm bar cutter to your inventory would give even greater capability as this tool is capable of cutting padlocks, chains, bike locks and other difficult to cut security products.

The Ogura range is now available for a small surcharge in ‘tactical black’ showing that Vimpex are serious about providing products to the police and security forces.

The Ogura range is one of several specialist products supplied by Vimpex and designed specifically with the emergency services in mind. Other products include the extremely powerful range of Cutters Edge Saws, the revolutionary Canguro Scene Star Scene Lighting System and Endress Generators.

Mar 2012

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