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Chiba Firefighting & Rescue GlovesChiba has a long reputation of 150 years as manufacturer of the best work gloves available on the market. Chiba makes everything from baseball gloves to winter sport gloves to firefighter gloves.

Chiba gloves are lightweight and dexterous. One of the key features of the gloves are their unique "fourchette" finger style. This special finger style allows your fingers to lay naturally closer together resulting in a more comfortable wear and better gripping.

Chiba understands that firefighters deal a lot with water and how important it is to keep your hands dry. All fire gloves are completely waterproof and also protect against blood borne pathogens. That can be life saving for a fire fighter or rescuer.

Chiba gloves use Antistatic Nomex, Aramid and Para-Aramid fabrics. The materials make Chiba gloves long lasting even under the pressures of fire and rescue work.

Chiba Extrication gloves are cut proof, waterproof and protect against blood borne pathogens. Using Kevlar® and Nomex®, special attention is paid to the design of thumb areas, knuckles, finger tips, bridge of palm, nerve palm, and carpal tunnel / ulnar nerve.

Hot Liner Heat System Logo
Hot Liner Heat System - Warm hands in extreme conditions.

Patented kangaroo-like pocket provides optimal warmth
efficiency for the glove’s inside.

Chiba Safe Cut 5 Extrication Glove
Safe Cut 5

Application: Extrication
Colours: red
Sizes: XS - XXL

Chiba Safe Cut 5 Extrication Glove Icon

Chiba Safe Cut X-Trem Extrication Glove
Safe Cut X-Trem

Application: Extrication
Colours: orange
Sizes: XS - XXL

Chiba Safe Cut X-Trem Extrication Glove Icon

Chiba Safe Cut X-Warm Glove
Safe Cut X-Warm

Wet and Cold conditions
Colours: black
Sizes: XS - XXL

Chiba Safe Cut X-Warm Glove Icon

Chiba Rescue Glove
Rescue Glove

Application: Extrication
Colours: navy
Sizes: XS - XXL

Chiba Rescue Glove Icon

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