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These Gloves are designed for firefighters and rescue professionals. They have all of the features needed to protect hands from sharps, hot tools, hot vehicle components and from bodily fluids.

Firefighter & Rescue GlovesHexArmor EXT Rescue Gloves

HexArmor EXT Rescue GlovesBuilding the perfect safety glove for the toughest first responders takes a lot of work, so HexArmor asked their rescue customers for their input. It’s a good thing they did; it helped them create a line of products - the HexArmor® EXT Rescue® Series, suitable for any rescue application. >>>

Athena Gloves Athena Specialist Gloves

Athena GlovesAthena gloves have been crafted specifically for tough structural firefighting and rescue applications. The gloves have many unique features designed to protect
the wearer from harsh environments time and
time again. >>>

Chiba Firefighting & Rescue GlovesChiba Firefighting & Rescue Gloves

Chiba Logo

Chiba has a long reputation of 150 years as manufacturer of the best work gloves available on the market. Chiba makes everything from baseball gloves to winter sport gloves to firefighter gloves. >>>

HexArmor EXT Rescue Gloves Datasheet (PDF) >>>

FX-1 MAX Firefighter Gloves Datasheet (PDF) >>>

Vimpex Rescue Overview (PDF) >>>
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