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Safety Helmets for Ambulance and Paramedics

Safety Helmets for Ambulance and ParamedicsPacific Helmets A7A – The No.1 Choice for UK Ambulance Services

Ambulance workers, paramedics, nurses and doctors who respond to emergency medical incidents are at the front line of emergency medical care. Why then should ambulance workers be at any greater risk from personal injury than other emergency workers? If it is deemed necessary for fire fighters to wear full structural safety helmets at an RTC then why expose the paramedic to unnecessary risk?

Since 2008 it has been realised by ambulance services that use of professional safety helmets rather than hard-hat style products mitigate the risk of injury to workers operating in potentially dangerous environments.

Whereas plastic hard-hats have very low compressive strength and can be subject to damage from the sun and exposure to chemicals and heat, professional rescue helmets are designed with the rescuer in mind.

It is because of this realisation, that the Pacific A7A Ambulance Helmet has become the helmet of choice for the English and Welsh Ambulance Services.

First introduced in 2008, the A7A is constructed from a lightweight but extremely tough Kevlar™ reinforced composite shell. The use of Kevlar as a reinforcing medium significantly contributes to user safety. With a strength-to-weight ratio between 15-28 times that of plastic helmets, Kevlar reinforced helmets are resistant to damage from the effects of UV radiation from sunlight.

The lightweight construction that Kevlar helmets allow means that although extremely safe, the helmet can be designed to be well balanced and therefore comfortable even when worn for long periods.

The A7A helmet although similar in looks to structural fire fighting helmets was designed with the Ambulance market in mind. This ensures the ultimate combination of comfort and safety. Its EN166 integral full face visor fully protects the wearer’s face but when not in use retracts within the shell thus preventing damage from scratching.

Pacific helmets are extremely hardwearing and are supplied with a six year shell warranty. As UK and Ireland supplier of Pacific, Vimpex hold stock of all spares and accessories and are known for speed of service. The beauty with all Pacific Rescue Helmets is that they can be maintained very easily with standard tools. This reduced cost of ownership means that helmets can be ‘kept on the run’ with minimum hassle.

Because the A7A is fast becoming the standard-issue helmet for the UK ambulance services, Vimpex has been able to offer a common price and specification for all NHS ambulance services. We hold stocks of the standard A7A helmet so that Ambulance Services know that the product is available for immediate dispatch with no minimum order levels.

The A7A helmet is one of many professional rescue helmets supplied by Vimpex. Other helmets include the F10 Fire Fighting Helmet with EN443 and EN14458 certification as well as the R7 Rescue Helmet system.

Feb 2012

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