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Ogura Rescue Tools:

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Ogura Protean Series

Ogura combine the latest battery technology with a patented electro-hydraulic pump system to create a range of powerful, modular rescue tools. The Lithium-ion battery is widely used in the power tool industry and is readily available.

Ogura Rescue Tools are ready for immediate deployment, being lightweight, highly portable, and very easy to use, they are changing the way the Emergency Services approach many of their tasks. These is no need for petrol engines or heavy generators, and no need for troublesome hoses or power cords. Tasks that before were difficult or impossible can now be easily achieved.

Introducing the new Protean rescue tools from Ogura...

The PROTEAN series offers both single and double acting interchangeable rescue tools. All of the head-units are interchangeable. The robust quick-change coupling system allows the interchangeable head-units to be securely attached to a pump-unit and quickly exchanged, allowing you to select an appropriate head-unit at the site for your particular operations.

A self-contained, battery-powered design with a combined weight of 15.4kg or less allows you to bring the tool easily and quickly to remote locations.

No fumes and no trailing hoses along with portability and compactness allow you to work quickly in confined spaces, including trains, buses and airplanes. No hand-pumping needed.

Each head-unit can be extended from the pump-unit with the extension hose provided, allowing operations in harder-to-reach places.

There are no carbon brushes inside the brushless Motor, so it runs contact-free and without resistance, eliminating wear on the tool’s armature for a longer tool life. Contact-free operation also means it runs cooler and more efficiently, and unlike conventional motors, the brushless motor does not require the regular replacement of carbon brushes, so the tool spends more time working.

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All Ogura tools use the amazing Makita 18 V Li-Ion battery.

Recent tests by Ogura prove that the new Li-Ion units suffer a discharge rate of only 9% after 500 days in storage! Ogura are the only manufacturer of rescue tools with access to Makita batteries.

Ogura Li-Ion Battery

Tests prove that the batteries used on Ogura tools have at least twice the life of other power tool batteries. Intelligent charging means that each individual battery has its own charge profile dependent on use. This extends battery life, increases durability and means 30% more cuts per charge. Recharge time is only 22 minutes. Both in-vehicle and mains powered chargers are available.

All Ogura Tools are supplied in sturdy carry cases with versatile foam inserts.

All Ogura Tools are supplied in sturdy carry cases with versatile foam insert

Vimpex are able to offer various storage and carrying solutions including moulded trays for in-vehicle use, back pack carriers and vehicle tray/frame inserts.

Moulded trays for in-vehicle use

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