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TimberJack - Laminated Stabilisation BlocksThese innovative stabilisation blocks utilise sustainable wooden laminate to provide a revolutionary system. The use of wood provides greater grip and control than rubber or plastic and is very durable.

Two versions of the TimberJack make up the range - TimberJack1 and TimberJack2.

TimberJack1 - Laminated Stabilisation BlocksTimberJack1

This consists of a smart carrying frame which neatly stores the TimberJacks ready for use.

The 'Z' block is height-adjustable by using the wedges provided. A further narrower block can be used to make up height for larger gaps. Once used, the blocks quickly and conveniently store away on their frame and the handle flips through 90 deg. to secure the system during transport.


TimberJack2 - Laminated Stabilisation BlocksThis is made up of a stepped laminate block with an articulated bottom flap. In stowage, the block houses two wedges which during use are used for finite height adjustment.

Two of these units are the ideal stabilisation kit for vehicle rescue.
Datasheet (PDF) >>>

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