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Vimpex to the Rescue

Vimpex to the Rescue with Ogura Combi-ToolAn Ogura BC-300 Combi-Tool was recently put to good use by Vimpex’s Martin Jones during an incident on the M1 motorway on Friday 28th July, 2012. Caught in a tailback caused by a 7.5 tonne truck turning over during Friday rush hour, Martin soon realised that in the absence of the emergency services, members of the public were unsuccessfully trying to allow access to the drivers cab by using a crow bar. A doctor who happened to be passing was keen to gain access to the cab to ensure that the casualty was not in need of any urgent medical intervention.

When it appeared obvious that the emergency services were some time away from appearing on the scene, Martin volunteered his services by using his Ogura BC-300 battery powered Combi-Tool to quickly gain access to the lorry cab thereby allowing the doctor to assess his patient. Thankfully the driver seemed to have sustained very few injuries although was understandably suffering from shock.

In an interesting coincident, the Northamptonshire Fire & Rescue Service who arrived on the scene a few minutes after Martin’s intervention were carrying their own Ogura Combi-Tool which is one of three in service on the service’s fast response vehicle.

This incident demonstrates that the Ogura Combi-Tool is truly lightweight, portable and quick to deploy - reasons that Northamptonshire Fire & Rescue Service and many other brigades around the world have chosen the BC-300.

Jul 2012

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