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Power Solutions:

Warwickshire Fire & Rescue Adopt New Vimpex Lighting System

Warwickshire Adopt New Vimpex Lighting SystemWarwickshire Fire & Rescue service has taken delivery of two new Canguro SceneStar LED Lighting units from Vimpex Limited.

The unique scene lighting equipment incorporates a trolley-mounted 14,000 Lumen LED lighting head, 4.5 m telescopic pneumatic mast and Vimpex’s specially developed LED Power Unit.

Easily wheeled into position, quickly deployed, erected and powered up by one person, the Canguro SceneStar system provides battery powered scene lighting thus completely eliminating noise and emissions. One Vimpex LED Power Unit will give approximately 3.5 hours of light. The unit not only provides power to the lighting but also allows for the connection of an auxiliary power supply such as a generator, thereby allowing for extended use. The power unit’s waterproof casing contains the battery, charger and low voltage battery protection device.

Should the use of generators be unacceptable or unsuitable, two additional battery packs can be added to the system providing over 12 hours of bright illumination. Once used, the LED Power Unit can be charged either via 110 / 230 V ac or low voltage dc input.

The Vimpex Canguro SceneStar LED Lighting System is a great example of modular lighting solutions available from Vimpex Ltd. The company’s lighting range is one part of the business’s PPE, Technical Rescue and Masts, Lighting and Power product range.

October 2012

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